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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Whatever happened to "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?"

I had two very different patron experiences today.

First: a subscriber who had cancelled her ticket after the performance had passed, meaning that we could not resell her seat. When subscribers do that, they are able to exchange into a new performance for $3.00. Yes, $3.00. In essence, that is getting a ticket for professional theater, a ticket that retails for forty or fifty dollars, for three. Not bad. So, she picked up her ticket, made a face at the three dollar fee, but handed me her credit card and moved on. She came back, pushed a college kid out of the way as he was paying for his student rush ticket, and said "I'm a subscriber, I need you to deal with me before you sell student rush tickets." I told her that I was finishing a transaction with this party, and she needed to get in line, and I would be happy to help her when her turn was up. Because, if you push somebody in line, I am under no obligation to give you priority.
So, when it was her turn: first she did not like her seat. As I was trying to tell her that I would be happy to move her, she interrupted and started in on the $3.00. I showed her a copy of the exchange policy. She denied ever seeing it, even after I pointed out that it was included in every subscription package. She then said that she knew she did not cancel her ticket on the same day, but that she did it in advance. Well, folks, computers don't lie. It was there: ticket for the 17th, exchanged on the 17th. I did not waive the fee. I did give her a different seat, only because her friend had the sense to be embarrassed.

Second experience: A young couple came to the window right after the house had closed. He had his invoice. He had ordered tickets online from a discount seller. Trouble was, he had ordered tickets for last Sunday. I pointed this out. He looked stricken. He asked if he could still buy tickets. I said we still had empty seats, and as the house had closed they weren't being sold anyway, so I would just have the house manager take them in.

The moral is: a little bit of good manners will get you much further than acting pushy and entitled.


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