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Monday, August 29, 2005

A Massachusetts Glossary: Updated!

Package Store: n. liquor store

Ding-Dong Cart: n. ice cream truck

Grinder: n. submarine sandwich

Wicked: adj., adv. very

Tag Sale: n. garage sale; rummage sale

Down the Cape: phrase. to Cape Cod; at Cape Cod.


Time moves too fast.

I went to Cape Cod this past weekend, with my mom, my stepfather, my aunt, her two daughters (16 and almost 14), and my boyfriend who joined us a day late. My grandmother and her "current" husband live down the Cape.

We used to go on what we called "Family Bonding Vacation" every year. My grandmother would rent a big cottage in coastal Maine, and we would all go up for a week. My aunt's boys would go up too (they are now 23 and 21!), friends of mine would come for a few days, my uncle (my mom and aunt's brother). It was great. We would go to the beach all day, at night we would go to "Town" which was the little village with all the tourist shops, arcades, etc. We would east most of our meals at the cottage-we would grill, make lobsters, steamers, everything. Then the best part-night. We would all drink (well, not the kids) and go over the canon of family stories-stories of my mother and aunt and uncles childhood, stories that we cousins couldn't get enough of. Then there were our stories-my birth-I was the first of my generation-and each year we would have stories of years past in Maine. The first year I went up was when I was 19. The last year we did a cottage was when I was 23. That was the year that we got our own cottage-mom,my stepfather, auntie and the kids.
The next summer was when I ran off and got married.

This weekend at the Cape just wasn't the same.
First, instead of a week, we went on Friday morning, and left Sunday morning.
Second, we stayed in a motel instead of a cottage.
We did have fun, but we were too far from the beach, so we just hung out at the pool. Everyone was tired, so we didn't get as much of the bonding time we all craved. There was no little village to visit, and the boys weren't there.

And then, yesterday.

Mom and my step-father dropped me off in Boston, then headed about 90 miles west where they live. My aunt and the girls headed straight home (one town over from mom) from the Cape.
Traffic was pretty bad.
Around 3, my mother called from her cell phone-they were still in traffic-and she got a call from my aunt, who was also stuck in traffic, because she got a call from my grandmother.

My uncle, a state trooper was in the hospital. All we knew at that time was that he was on a ventilator.

So, I called my aunt (she's a nurse and generally better in emergencies that my mother).
She didn't have any more information.

They all met at my aunt's house, while I waited, 100 miles away. At the point, the word was everything was okay, so she would go home and go to the hospital in the morning.

Then she called me back. It was on the news, and his name would not be realeased until the family was notified. That sounded so ominous, that they all went to the hospital right away.

My aunt called me from the hospital. He had, from top down: bruises and cut lip, broken neck, separated shoulder, broken collarbone, broken vertebrae, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. It was a motorcycle accident during a traffic detail. Last night he was semi-conscious, but didn't recognize anyone.

This morning was better. He has regained consciousness, and is lucid. Now we wait for medical evaluation.

It's odd that this happened around the time we were leaving the Cape, talking about how the family vacation is so important, and that we ARE going to do a week in Maine next summer, and thinking of how fleeting time is, and how people grow old too fast.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some random musings...

I haven't quite been a blogger hipster queen lately, and some events in the near future will probably get in the way...I have been informed that in changing the name on the DSL bill to someone who actually lives in my apartment, we will lose service for up to 2 weeks. Yuck! Then, the last two weeks of September, I will be away on a gig. So, have patience!

It seems, based on the number of comments, that my tits are more popular than any other facet of my life. I may have to start writing about them more. Maybe I'll include some pictures.

Things are changing around here-the youngest, piggiest roommate is moving out. I have one new roommate who already moved in, and another coming soon (we had an empty room most of the summer due to an old roommate who left with little notice). Never fear, I am maintaining Alpha-female status.

Work has changed too. Not the fun freelance stuff, but the in-between make sure I pay my bills stuff. I'm going back to where I worked BB (that's before blog). They pretty much understand my freelance career struggles and are very flexible. I love my boss. I can't wait to go back!

Okay, the boobies and I are going to look at some other blogs now.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The secret....

I got this comment:

"Give up the t-shirt brand, sister!"

Well, here it is, but it's not too sexy-

Screen Stars, size medium.

Yep, just a plain old t-shirt.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Pressure

I got a comment from a reader...saying that she will become a daily blog-stalker. That's great...but now I have to come up with funny, witty posts every day!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Best Night Ever!

Wednesday was the best night ever.

I went to see The Knitters. The Knitters are my favorite band in the whole wide world. The released an album this year-the first in 20 years! Who are The Knitters? The easiest way to explain them is that they are a sort of alt-country side project of the band X. X is my second favorite band in the whole wide world. They have released many more albums, and have done many tours. I love X and The Knitters. And, even more, I love John Doe, the lead singer. He's a hell of an actor too. I know you've seen him. I'm generally not a hero worshipper. I've worked with celebrities, and they are just people. But John Doe, man, he's something else. I really do get googly eyed near him. I remember the first time I met him-he did an in-store, and brought my Bust magazine with the interview with him in it. He said "Wow, I haven't seen this yet," read the article, and handed it back to me...I had to remind him to autograph it. I was so excited about seeing the Knitters, and maybe getting to talk to John Doe again. I wanted to be more than just a fawning fan (even though that's exactly what I am).

So, after years of dreaming, I finally got to see The Knitters. I've seen X, and I've seen John Doe solo, but never The Knitters.

The crowd was much bigger than I had thought it would be-and there were more young punk kids there than I had expected. I had thought, that at 30, my friend and I would be the youngest ones there. There were a good number of "older" fans there too, and that was neat-especially since I feel more kinship with the fans who clearly have put in time loving this band! It was weird, seeing so many people there. The Knitters are such a special, private joy for me, it was a shock to see so many fans. It's okay though. I love The Knitters, and everyone should appreciate them.

It was such a great show. John Doe and Dave Alvin came out alone first, and played "Silver Wings" and "Crying, but my Tears Are Far Away." Then, the whole band came out. I tried to get a set list, but didn't make it to the stage front quick enough, so I will only be able to say that they played a bunch of great Knitters tunes, a good amount of X songs (I'm not sure if they can be considered covers when 3 of The Knitters are also in X) and a few covers. The played so well-tight and with energy, and they either really love performing together or they put on a hell of an act.

Anyway, my friend and I stood to the left of the stage, which worked really well. We weren't crowded and we could see really well. And it was the best decision we could have made, because....

At the end of the set, they all went backstage, except for John Doe, who, oh joy, went down the stage steps and stood right next to me!
So, I went over, and stood on my tiptoes, and said in his ear, "I would love it if you would go back on and play 'Someone Like You.'" He grinned at me and said "I'll remember that."

At the encore, the second song they played was indeed my request. I like to think that he played it just for me.

Then, they came back for a second encore. In all, they played for more than 90 minutes. I would have listened to them all night.
But, the night had not yet ended. I visited the merch table, and treated myself to a T-Shirt and a Knitters lighter (only for The Knitters would I spend 5 bucks on a Bic).
John Doe signed my t-shirt, and then I used the conversational gambit I had been planning on all night. I mentioned that we had a mutual acquaintance-I guy I have worked with worked on a film that John Doe starred in. So, John Doe and I had a genuine, bona fide conversation about the film industry. I was in heaven. Now, if I can only get hired on a film that he does, I will be complete.


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